Microbz Soil

Soil based microbial products that
accelerate soil regeneration – naturally

UK soils are in crisis. Our soils are dying because they are depleted in effective microorganisms and organic matter, which are the basis of healthy soil. At Microbz, we brew effective microorganisms to regenerate soil. Our fermented bio-live cultures, also known as probiotics, contain billions of beneficial effective microorganisms.

With spiralling input costs and the threat of chemical treatment bans, we need to find natural solutions to agricultural issues. If you are already commited to regenerative farming practices then we can help you through the transition period more quickly.

We deliver probiotic solutions 

We take effective microorganisms from healthy virgin soil, ferment them – which multiplies the organisms – and deliver them back into depleted soils along with additional ingredients needed for nutrient-rich soil.

When effective microorganisms are applied to soil, they help to rebuild a healthy soil food web, which supports nitrogen and carbon fixing, nutrient cycling and water retention.  

We believe in nature. Before human intervention soils were rich in microbial biodiversity. All life, as we know it, came from the soil. Humans have done a lot to damage this microbial biodiversity. In order to re-establish healthy soils, effective microorganisms need to be re-introduced. 

At Microbz, we renew soil by reintroducing effective microorganisms and delivering probiotic solutions. We will make this technology open and available. Our vision is to work with partners to reverse the damage that has been done to soils by returning to nature. Soils can be renewed, made rich and diverse in effective microorganisms and organic matter and therefore healthy, productive and sustainable.

What do effective microorganisms do?

Microbes created the conditions for life. They are in, on and around everything.

Microbes work to convert nutrients into food for the roots to absorb, produce hormones that stimulate growth, prevent infections, filter out metals and contaminants from the soil and release nutrients. They perform millions of day-to-day functions.

You can’t see microbes, but you can see the impacts of damaging their invisible ecosystem: degradation, loss of diversity, rotting, and unhealthy environments.

Healthy soil grows healthy food which provides better nutrition for people. 

What are the benefits of re-introducing effective microorganisms to soil?

A single hectare of healthy soil has the potential to store and filter enough water for 1000 people and soils in the UK store over 4 billion tonnes of carbon in the form of organic matter. Not to mention the benefits for long term sustainability and the ability to provide healthy food for an ever-growing population.

Winning back the health of our soils could be the most important task for the next generation.