Microbz Soil

Effective microorganisms
to regenerate soil

What we do

We brew effective microorganisms. We take them from virgin soil, ferment them – which multiplies the microorganisms – and then make them available in liquid form to be used in many different areas of use from farms, to horticulture and to support animal health.  

If you want to get some effective microorganisms to use on your soil, please contact us. We can produce any amount and we can also advise you about how to apply them. We look forward to hearing from you. 

The subsoiler

Meet our new machine! 

This is our modified subsoiler. It sprays effective microorganisms into the compaction layer through nozzles. 

This machine can be made available for you if you need it to apply effective microorganisms on your soil or we can provide consultation about modifying your own. 

This is a work in progress so if anyone out there wants to collaborate then please contact us